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stainless steel balustrades | glass & stainless balustrades | wood & stainless cable balustrades | handrails | staircases | connectors, top caps & other balustrading parts | cabling | hanging wine racks | custom door handles | stainless custom bathroom accessories | stainless custom boats accessories | stainless steel custom designs to suit your requirements

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Sisonke Projects offers the best quality in Manufacturing of: stainless steel balustrades, glass & stainless balustrades, wood & stainless cable balustrades, handrails, staircases, connectors, top caps & other balustrading parts, cabling, hanging wine racks, custom door handles, stainless custom bathroom accessories, stainless custom boats accessories, stainless steel custom designs to suit your requirements

Stainless Steel Door handels

Design your own and we will make it or choose from great handle designs.

Stainless Steel Parts

Sisonke projects has 50 years of manufacturing experience contact us for Stainless steel balustrading parts and more


Stainless Steel Designed Staircases and balustrades all over South Africa form residential homes to corporate we do it all.

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what our customers are saying

Carol – Home Owner

Dear Malcom, Ryan & Team, thank you for the outstanding work you have done in my home, my staircase looks fabulous and the balustrades on the balcony and in the pool are just perfect, thank you for all your hard work.

Viv – Owner, Vivtek Fishing Equipment

We have had a business relationship with Sisonke Manufacturing for over 20 years and can proudly say we have never been let down. They have provided us with outstanding service, workmanship and professionalism.

Therza – Home Owner

Dear Ryan, Thank you for the pictures and work that you guys have done for us especially in the time frame that you guys have completed it, It looks Fantastic. THANK YOU 🙂

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