Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to maintain stainless steel?

Yes, definitely. Like any investment, routine, simple cleaning will ensure the longevity of the product. Proprietary cleaners are available on the market today but routine washing down with a mild detergent and clean water should suffice. As a “rule of thumb”, clean your stainless steel as routinely as you would your windows. For more stubborn marks or stains such as paint, grease etc, please contact your supplier for advice on the best solution.

How do I remove rust spots from my balustrade?

Depending on the severity of the problem and how long the marks have been evident, the surface will require re-finishing with a “Scotchbrite” pad or equal equivalent. These marks could be caused by a lot of different factors like tree sap or mild steel dust particles caused by cutting, welding or grinding close by. In stubborn cases, a pickling solution might be required to chemically remove the contaminant, but be warned, extreme care must be taken when using these pickling solutions and you should ideally refer the problem to a specialist.

Can I get a reference or recommendation anywhere on my stainless steel supplier?

Most definitely. SASSDA, The Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association can be contacted. They have a certification process in place to assist the consumer in selecting a suitable qualified and experienced supplier. Request membership information and certification from regulatory bodies from your supplier as well.

How do I know what grade of stainless steel should be chosen for my application?

Your supplier should have the answers for you and be suitably qualified and experience to recommend the correct grade for the application. Always choose a reputable fabricator, with references, who will be able to advise and justify the material grade suitable for your application.

If you are still uncertain, feel free to contact SASSDA who provide free technical advice to the consumer.

At what stage in my building process should I have balustrades installed?

1) The balustrades should be installed by using the core drilling method if top fixed, for the uprights, which after tiling will create a neat continuous tiling line and

2) Tile adhesives and acid based tile cleaning agents will affect the finish of the stainless steel and corrosion marks could become evident. If you are installing wooden floors or carpets, it is advisable to install the balustrades first as core drilling is a wet process which could cause water damage.

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